May 4, 2019


Which Is The Best Amazon Echo Or Google Home?

This may seem like a strange post to be on a site about On-Demand TV. The truth is that I want this site to be more about on demand life and not just TV.

Before I answer the question of which device is best, let me first talk about what they are in relation to on demand services. If you want to jump straight to the answer then please scroll to the bottom of this post.

My first venture in to on demand life was TV – I purchased my first streaming device. When I found out how convenient it was having that media on hand I decided to try other on demand services – which was when I got into on demand audio.

On demand audio

When I talk about on demand audio, I’m talking about the convenience of being able to play any song, or other audio format (such as an audio book), on demand – at the time and place you decide.

Now let me start with a caveat. You don’t need to own an Amazon Echo, Google Home or any other audio on demand device to play on demand audio. You can play it through your web browser, though your phone and really any other device that can connect to these channels and play audio.

Personally, I have found a device such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home has made my on demand audio more easily available.

Having an Amazon Echo along with a subscription to their audio content, or a Google Home and Spotify subscription allows me to simply ask for any song I want to listen to – and it gets played.

It also allows you to ask to listen to Podcasts, online radio channels, audio books as well as many other audio content.

In most cases, you do need to log onto the devices online service first to set-up any accounts required (though for Amazon Echo – once you have signed up you can generally access any Amazon content – including having the Echo read a Kindle book to you – which adds some extra convenience).

Is the content free?

One of the questions you may have is, is the content free? It’s a mixed answer of course of yes and no.

If you want to listen to music then you will need to subscribe to either the Amazon Music library or Spotify. Both devices will not allow you to connect to a free Spotify account.

In regards to online radio and post casts – these are free to listen too. 

Other online content – again it really depends on if its a paid only service or not. There is plenty of content to listen too for free if that is what you are looking for.

Which is the best device, the Amazon Echo or Google Home

So, having hopefully given you details on what audio on demand services offer – let me get into the details.

I own both an Amazon Echo and a Google Home. I’ve tried both considerably and I have to say that if I were to only be able to own 1 device it would be the Amazon Echo.

The reason is – I have found it easier to attach to smart devices. The integration with Amazon services is excellent. It can even read a Kindle Book to me. The ease to set-up the device and integration make it the winner.

However, I have the Google Home in my home office as I find as a personal virtual assistant it offers me the best service. It makes it much easier to listen to podcasts (in my opinion). I can ask it to add events to my Google Calendar. If I have a paid Spotify its easy to add (though so is the Amazon Echo).

I find the Google Home much better for my office assistant – though the Amazon Echo much better for my home on demand device.

So, the best device in my opinion is the Amazon Echo – though you can’t go wrong with a Google Home.

I hope that has given you a little more insight and helped with your own choice. It really is more about which device is best for you – and which offers you the best service.