What Is On Demand TV?

I realise that I have now written a few articles about on demand TV, but have never written anything about what is on demand TV?

On demand TV is the availability to stream video content, usually content that has already aired on terrestrial TV, to you home TV screen. This is usually done using a streaming box or computer. This also includes services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

What Is A Stream Box?

I talk about what a streaming box is in other posts and which has the most streaming content available to them.

A streaming box is a small box that you fit to your TV, usually via HDMI, then connect to your home network. You then install applications for each of the channels you wish to stream content from. Many of these apps will require you to sign in to any accounts you may have with the channels – such as Netflix.

Think of these boxes as mini computers that are created just for this purpose of streaming content (plus some will play some games).

On Demand TV Is Content Streaming When You Want It

So, to break it down. On Demand TV is content you can stream to your TV when you want to consume it – content that will have already aired on terrestrial TV or similar.

I hope that answers any question you may have but if not, please leave a comment below with your questions.

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