The Top 15 Reasons For Switching From Traditional Cable And TV To On-Demand TV

Author: Sean

These are the Top 15 reasons, that I believe are the reasons, for switching to on-demand tv from traditional cable and terrestrial tv. This is not a complete list, there are many other benefits, but is a point of view.

The Top 15 reasons for switching from traditional cable to On Demand tv are:

1) No more hassles with managing your own DVR

2) One service provider instead of multiple services to manage

3) Better picture quality without the buffering issues, pixelation or interference that comes with using an antenna

4) More convenience in getting what you want when you want it – no more waiting until 11pm!

5) Watching something new every month at a fraction of the cost without any contract obligations (well, there’s one…) – It’s up to you how much TV time you get each month. You can watch zero minutes if need be because we will never charge late fees and there is no subscription commitment.

6) No more “cable cutting” guilt – you can still watch your favorite shows on-demand and catch up with your favourite team’s game the next day.

7) Optional commitment – no more worrying about how long before your contract expires, what’s new on the market or whether it’s worth renewing given last month’s price hike! You can also save money as well as time since there are no installation costs involved when ordering an antenna. If you have a tv with smart apps, you can start watching your content immediately.

8) Variety of channels – traditional cable and terrestrial are limited to what they offer. With on demand tv services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and WatchESPN there’s something for everyone! Pick the package that suits your needs best or pick them all so you’ll never run out of options. You can also watch online videos from YouTube as well as live TV through PlutoTV which offers “a personalized experience where consumers select their favorite news networks.”

9) Affordability- When ordering an antenna it’s possible to save $200-$500 in installation costs alone not including any price hikes after a contract expires; no monthly subscription fees mean saving money month after month.

10) More freedom- Traditional TV providers are limited in what they offer while streaming services like Netflix have more than twice as many titles available at all times, giving viewers the opportunity to switch between different stories as desired and finish binge watching seasons within weeks rather than months by ordering episodes one at a time from iTunes. There’s also no limit imposed on how much someone can watch in a given month.

11) Free HD- With an antenna you get free high definition channels, unlike traditional cable which costs up to $20 per month for the basic package and doesn’t come with any of the premium channels or extra HBO content; movie buffs will love that they can now tune into their favorite networks without worrying about running out of space on a DVR.

12) No commercials- Traditional cable is increasingly packed with commercials, which can be annoying for those who are trying to watch their favorite show or movie. Thankfully streaming services offer a commercial-free viewing experience so viewers don’t have the distraction of loud and constantly changing ads disrupting their entertainment.

13) Easier navigation – On Demand TV gives users instant access when they need it thanks to its superior interface design as well as remote control features that make- One of the major benefits of switching over is not having any pesky commercial interruptions during your favorite shows or live events which means you get uninterrupted viewing of your favorite movies, episodes and more.

14) Freedom of choice through the ability to tune in to any show at any time, not just a small selection offered by traditional cable providers. Unlimited access means you can watch your favorite shows without having to wait weeks or months before new episodes become available.

15) Greater viewing options with more HD channels (as opposed to SD), flexible payment plans that allow viewers full control over how much they spend each month, no hidden fees with one monthly fee

Now that we have looked in detail at what a switch will bring, let’s look into how it is possible. We offer two options. The first option (the one most people go for) is an easy setup of just plugging our streaming stick into the HDMI port on your TV. You then need to log onto our website using any computer or smart device – don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy as there are detailed instructions along the way! Simply pick which channels and content packages you want, plug in your credit card and we’ll send you a streaming stick that is pre-loaded with our content. The second option is to forgo the internet connection all together by using any of our HDTV antennas (we have several types to suit every situation) plugged into your TV set which will then allow OTA viewing.

More options- Traditional cable allows viewers to choose from 200 channels with few repeats while streaming services allow them to watch more than twice as many titles at all times without being limited in what they can see on that channel. This gives the viewer greater freedom and choice, allowing them to switch between different stories or episodes according to their mood and tune into new programs just after they air. It also offers unlimited access so they can binge-watch an entire season within weeks rather than having to wait for months (as is often the case when ordering episodes one by one).

More goodies- Another perk of switching from traditional cable to on demand TV is that some online service providers will provide additional benefits like free Wi-Fi, discounts at local restaurants nearby and even vouchers for shops in your area. This allows you to save money by using these deals without having to leave home any time soon!

These are the top 15 reasons, in no particular order, why I believe switching to on-demand from traditional cable and terrestrial tv is the way to go! I believe switching from traditional cable and terrestrial tv services providers will change my life forever: – it also means that I won’t be tied down to one location anymore (since streaming allows me access even while away from home).

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