Roku Stick – My Favourite Demand TV Device

Now, the title really gives this post away. You may have guessed it, but in case not – I’m going to talk about why, out of all the on demand TV devices I have, why the Roku device(s) is/are my favourite.

Devices I have tried so far

So, this conclusion didn’t come from just using Roku devices. I have tried and own a number of different video and TV streaming devices.

I did start with the Roku 3 – so that may have added some bias. However, I have tried all of the following:

Roku 3

The device that started it for me. It’s also probably still my favourite Roku device.

I performed very well and still allowed for a network cable to be plugged in giving it, at least in my opinion, the fastest connection over the current only Wi-Fi Roku devices.

Like the other devices from Roku, the interface and usage has not changed for some time – making it easy to navigate. 

This was also the device my family learnt on when we moved over to just on demand TV. A true gem still (I still have mine upstairs).

Android TV device

Now, I won’t talk about the brand of this particular box because it doesn’t really matter from my experience. 

There seems to be a number of generic boxes out there, all running on Android but seemingly with the same hardware, software and casing.

The experience I had/have with my own Android streaming device is that it’s great if you are going to run something like Netflix or stream movies from your computer. It didn’t fit to my purpose though.

When I last used I didn’t see any apps to install the channels I watch on demand – such as UK terrestrial and so didn’t fit to my purpose.

This may have changed since then so I may have to revisit. However, because of the cumbersome interface it will never be my top TV streaming device.

Amazon Fire Stick

Now I have to say that I do like the Fire Stick. It’s quite responsive. The video quality streamed is one of the better examples. The interface is ok – though maybe a little more jumbled compared to the other big competition.

Where this lacks for me is that it doesn’t have one of the biggest used demand TV apps I use – NowTV.

If it did then this may have been a more serious contender to take over our main home TV instead of just being on the bedroom TV.

Overall a decent streaming device – just a shame it was missing that main channel for us.

The other issue over the past year or two has been its YouTube integration – although you can still watch YouTube through it.

Apple TV 4K edition

So, this almost made number 1. It’s without doubt the most powerful hardware out of all my on demand devices.

It also has some great features in the remote – such as using it as a steering wheel for the fantastic games.

It has excellent games you can play as well as giving excellent TV streaming quality. You can also attach a network cable so you don’t have any Wi-Fi issues.

I did say that this was almost my number 1. When I first got my Apple TV it didn’t have all of the UK demand TV terestrial channels. Originally it was missing 3 out of the 4 apps, though 2 of them came along quickly.

It’s only more recently that the final on demand TV app has become available; channel 4.

That was the number 1 reason why it was my number 2 device; but there are a couple other things to consider. Firstly it’s around 3 or more times expensive that the Roku 4K device. 

Second thing is that the interface can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate the the thumb pad – I’ve often overshot.

That said, whenever I was alone using the TV I would switch over to the channel with the Apple TV device and us it myself.

This maybe my number 2 device in regards to taking everyone in my family into consideration – but it’s my number1 go to device.


I recently found myself buying a second had latest edition of the Chromecast – just to have a complete overview.

I don’t consider this as an on demand TV device as you can only cast too it rather that have apps installed – at least with my experience using it.

So, this is really the last in my list device.

All great devices

When it comes down to the main feature of viewing on demand TV and video. You can’t go wrong with most of these devices, well the main 3 Fire Stick, Roku and Apple TV.

Each will give you a great selection of channels to watch. 

However, if you take into consideration the price, what can be streamed, ease of the interface. Roku is the best device for me and my family. For that reason, the Roku devices are my favourite and go to on demand TV streaming devices.

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