Is Catch Up TV The Same As On Demand TV?

What is catch up TV and what is on demand TV. Are they the same thing? Let’s examine the facts to draw a conclusion on this question.

What is catch up TV?

Let us begin our answer with a question – just what is catch up TV?

What it is really is in the name ’catch up TV’. Regular TV, terrestrial, satellite and cable all have schedules. Programming gets scheduled to run on certain regular day slots.

You need to turn on your TV at those times on the day they are on to watch them. If you switched on 10 minutes in; well, you miss 10 minutes.

This is how it was for many many years until certain channels decided to make use of the Internet.

Popular TV programs were put online; being accessible through websites and applications they provided. You simple created an account (some at first didn’t need an account), logged on, looked through the available programs (not all of this TV programming was online). You then chose and watched the missed program.

In essence they were starting a service that allowed us to watch a program we had missed.

The one caveat with catch up TV is that the program must have already aired on the channel for it to become available through their catch up TV service.

As dedicated TV boxes, from providers such as Roku, Amazon and Apple, started to be release – applications from these channel providers because available on these boxes to watch catch up on your TV.

So, what is on demand TV

We’ve talked about catch up TV, so what is on demand TV?

On demand TV is video programming that you can watch at any time, usually many places on many different devices these days.

You decide on the day and time you want to watch your on demand TV programs. You can also decide how many at a time you want to watch – if its a service of shows. Generally for a TV series, on demand services usually put them all available at one time.

On demand also covers many movies. There are generally many moves that, in my expertise, range in age from many years to with in the last year. 

Some big on demand service providers these days are even making and releasing their own TV series and Movies. Providing you content you can only view through them.

In conclusion, is catch up TV the same as on demand TV?

So, catch up TV is the availability to watch programs you have missed at a time you desire after they have shown.

On demand TV is the availability to watch 1 or more of the programs at a time that suites you.

However, they are not exactly the same. Catch up TV is a subset of on demand TV. Catch up TV is being able to watch a show at your time and place on your demand – but the show must have shown on the TV first.

On demand programming covers this plus more. It allows you to watch the catch up TV on demand, but also you can watch TV and Movies that are available even if they have not been shown on the TV recently.

The reality of it all is, that, on demand TV has given us the ability to consume our entertainment whenever we watch – and to watch our catch up TV when we want after its air date. We certainly live in a great time.

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