Do I Need A TV Licence To Watch Netflix?

Do I Need A TV Licence For Netflix

If you’re in most other countries other than the UK you may we wondering why or what I am talking about.

The thing is, if you live in the UK – you need a TV Licence to watch TV. Yes, you read that right – a licence to watch TV – as defined by UK’s TV Licensing and government.

So, I could go into the details of why you need one and what you can watch without – but I just want to talk about Netflix for this article and approach that wider subject in a later post.

Do you need a TV licence to watch Netflix?

So, the short answer is No. Let us take a moment to understand why and how we can come to that conclusion.

The TV Licensing site specifically says that you don’t need a TV Licence if you are only watching on demand services like Netflix; or catchup services with the exception of iPlayer.

As I mentioned above, the larger subject of what you can watch or not in regards to needing a TV Licence is for another article – so I won’t go into the details here.

In regards to the subject at hand. Netflix is an on demand service, so you don’t specifically need a TV Licence if you only ever watch this channel and have no way of streaming any live TV.

If you have not terrestrial arial, cable or satellite installed and only have on demand services on any TV box or your computer, and you only ever watch on demand such as Netflix – then this falls under their definition of only watching on demand services (refer to the link to their site above to goto the specific FAQ Page).

Does this mean I don’t need a TV Licence at all?

So, again, referring to the FAQ on the TV Licensing site – if you are only watching on demand TV and not including iPlayer in that list – then you should not need a licence.

Of course, if you have the ability to live stream or view live TV then you do need a TV Licence. It’s a bit of a grey area when you are talking about the terrestrial TV apps that seem to all have live streaming – this would mean you need a TV licence (which is why I want to go into more detail in a separate article).

For Netflix viewing only – no licence is needed. To be safe then only have services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube.

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