Top 5 Phones For Watching On-Demand TV On The Go

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In a previous post, we detailed how you can watch on-demand TV on your smartphone. You can watch on-demand on most smartphones, but the quality of what you are watching does depend on the technology in your hand.

Moreover, not all phones allow you to watch live TV on-demand as well. This post will detail which phones let you watch on-demand TV and which ones do not. There are few main methods for watching on-demand content on smartphones. First, you can use apps that stream the on-demand content directly from the source. The second is viewing videos directly on web pages. This is useful for viewing video channels that don’t have an app such as if you enjoy some of the kdramas out there.

This is is not a numbers 1-5 list of phones. Any of these phones will give you an enjoyable viewing experience. 



The current latest iPhone is the iPhone 13.

Next year, it’s most likely that Apple would plan to release the iPhone 14, and so on – every year a new version of their phone. All the latest versions since the iPhone 6, in my opinion, have large screens that would make video viewing enjoyable, I really started watching videos on my iPhone 6.

Most of the top OTT providers such as Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu, and YouTube offer apps for the iPhone. In addition, there are also several third-party apps that provide this functionality, including Vudu and Pluto TV. It’s quite a versatile phone and platform which is why it’s on my list of the top phone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The new iPhone 13 Max Pro has a whole lot to offer. It has a huge screen and a large battery, great audio quality, and the ability to do on-demand TV shows.

The iphone 13 Pro Max is a new and innovative phone by Apple that came out this year. This phone is just one of its kind, as it has a whopping 512 GB of storage and an extra-large screen. The 128GB model still has the same features as the other models but with less storage.

The iPhone is constantly evolving to meet people’s constantly evolving needs. You can now watch up to 28 hours of video playback with the new iPhones. We all lead busy lives, with people constantly on the go, so it’s important to constantly update the latest technological options to make them easier to use. The new iPhone has a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display that’s perfect for viewing photos

Always go with the maxed-out version, in my opinion, as there are no drawbacks to it. This is a great phone from Apple that is perfect for anyone who loves to watch movies. With a huge screen and all the right features, you will enjoy watching all your favorite movies and shows.

There are some downsides though. The price is more expensive than other models and the camera isn’t as good as it should be for a phone of this calibre. 

iPhone SE 2020 Edition

On the other end of the Apple iPhone scale is the latest iPhone SE 2020 edition. Although this may not have all the top end features of the iPhone premium phone, it packs a lot of punch for its price.

The iPhone SE 2020 runs on the A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine, has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, and water and dust resistance  (1 meter for up to 30 minutes, IP67), plus an improved front-facing camera, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for the all-new iPhone experience.

The screen may be a little smaller than the Pro Max iPhone, but it’s HD and the processor packs more than enough punch to stream your favorite programs with no problems. This phone is perfect for those wanting the iPhone experience but without the top end premium price tag.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

At the time of writing, Samsung’s current top of the range phone is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This phone is from a long line of their top technology phones and doesn’t disappoint. 

This newest model of their top of the range Smartphone is really something special. Not only does it run on the current Android 11 OS, but it also includes all the latest features. The Vitus Dynamic AMOLED screen measuring 6.7″ with a resolution of 3200×1440 giving you better than HD. The phone itself rocks a Exynos 2100 Octa-core processor which gives it enough processing power to watch any HD stream.

Now, all this may not mean a lot as it’s just phone specs. However, what it does mean is that you have the ability to watch any HD stream or on-demand content on the go.

Samsung Galaxy A32

At the other end of the market price is the Samsung Galaxy A32. This is a slightly newer model than the A31 that I have used.

The reason for this pick is, firstly, its price point. It’s considerably cheaper than the top Samsung model. However, it still comes with a large 6.4 inch AMOLED as well as a speedy Octa-core processor and 4gb of ram. This gives it more than enough power and great screen quality to watch your on-demand entertainment.

Like the iPhone SE above, the A32 packs more than enough punch to watch your favorite streams without any issue and at a price that more meets the pocket than the premium Samsung above.

OnePlus 9 Pro

The OnePlus phones have been around for a number of years now and have gone from a lesser-known more budget phone to a premium costing phone. With that in mind, next up is the One Plus 9 Pro.

This phone runs on Android and comes with its own version of the Oxygen OS. This is a phone that I personally would love to own. It’s one of the few phone I’ve seen that has a really good looking, well designed, and sleek design. 

It also has some great feature, love the camera, but for those relates to the subject.

Qualcomm have just revealed their new Snapdragon 888 chipset. It features the most powerful Snapdragon platform yet. The phone also includes a next-generation Fluid AMOLED Display. The 6.7” QHD display delivers stunning visuals with 120 Hz refresh rates. You’ll get up to a full day of power in just 15 minutes.

All in all a great phone that will give you the joy to use and allow you to stream any of that content to watch on the large and clear screen.

In Conclusion

The conclusion is that any of these phones will work for you in regards to viewing your content. The choice really comes down to what other features you actually need from your phone. 

If you’re on a budget, then choose the budget iPhone or Samsung. If the price is not the problem then you have the top 3 premium phones on this list to choose from.

For me, I chose the OnePlus 9 Pro as it was simply the best phone design and looks that I’ve seen yet and the camera quality was also very good. Hope you found this helpful and that you can make the right decision when choosing a phone to suit your needs.

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