The Perfect On-Demand Christmas

Author: Sean


Television at Christmas

Television at Christmas has always been a little stale. The same old movies every year. Over the past 4 or more years I have been having an on-demand Christmas where I can watch the movies and shows I want and not be limited to those on terrestrial TV.

Every year since my discovery of on-demand, I’ve been able to enjoy my Christmas viewing. I am not confined to the TV schedule and there is no need to argue with anyone about what we should watch. It’s usually a family event so I’ve been able to accommodate grownups as well as kids, both those who like classic movies and those who must have all the latest cult series binge-worthy shows as well as the classics as well as those who love everything from Sia’s Christmas soundtrack to REO Speedwagon’s Merry Xmas Everybody.

No More Forced Channels

All I do is order off the on-demand cinema or TV menu whatever takes my fancy and then press play and wait for that first delicious and satisfying “ding” sound signifying that I’m ready to be thrilled at the show. If I am feeling a little grumpy or depressed I have my choice of a happy, feel-good show. If I’m in the mood for a festive, party-oriented show I can choose one of those.

On-demand streaming channels has made Christmas on-demand, where I can watch what I want and when I want.

The year before last I made a tradition of having the perfect Christmas show for every Christmas occasion. That meant that if I had guests, I could show them the best Christmas movie they had ever seen. Most, if not all, are available on-demand on one of the many available channels.

I’m Happy, Friends And Family Are Happy

As we can now decide what we want to watch at Christmas, this means that we always have something to watch with family and friends. Being able to keep your kids entertains with movies and shows from this century, shows that they want to watch means they are happy.

Being able to entertain your friends, rather than watch the 100th rerun of a show or movie, will raise the mood and keep them happy.  They’ll enjoy being able to watch something they want and it’s good for the soul to share the joy of a show with others.

My Christmas tradition is being able to enjoy whatever I want to watch at Christmas, but I can still share it with others and still enjoy it with them. I don’t have to wait until Christmas day to watch Christmas movies, I can watch whatever I want whenever I want.

My family is happy because we can enjoy whatever we want at Christmas. I don’t have to worry about my kid getting a show that they don’t like. If I want to show them something that I think they will like, I can. If I don’t want to show them something that I think they will like, I don’t have to. I can choose whatever I want.

My family is happy because we can watch whatever we want at Christmas. We can watch whatever we want whenever we want.

The only thing I miss is having the option to have the traditional Christmas shows that I’ve grown up with. I’ve watched them all in the past, but I’d like to see them again. I think that’s why I like to watch the old Christmas movies. I miss those shows. Though, this is not entirely true because we can watch those old traditional movies, though I tend to do it when nobody is around. It’s our little secret. As we have access to on-demand streaming, we don’t have to be limited to the traditional shows. If you want to see Rudolph, The Christmas Story or Santa Claus is Coming to Town, you can.

New Years Day, Every Day, Is Like That Too

We can watch what we want, whenever we want, whenever we want. It’s not limited to the day after Christmas. It’s like New Year’s day, except on-demand, it’s for the whole year.

We have access to all the best shows on-demand for the whole year. I don’t have to be limited to a few weeks of shows in December. I can have the entire year of TV shows and movies to choose from. I can watch what I want, whenever I want.

It’s a new year every day and it’s all on-demand. We have access to all the best shows on-demand for the whole year.

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