The Difference Between Live Streaming TV and On Demand TV

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Live Streaming And On-Demand TV

Is live streaming TV On-Demand TV? If looking at previous posts, the previous discussion posts are taken into consideration then the answer is no.

Evidently, live streaming isn’t on-demand. Live streaming is a service that allows the end-user to watch live sports or shows on demand. The same is true of YouTube TV and many other services like PlayStation Vue.

However, On-Demand means that you can save the content for later viewing. For example, a show might be recorded and watched at your convenience without any commercials. On the other hand, a live stream of a sporting event, such as a soccer match, might not have any advertisements because the live stream is being streamed directly to you as it happens.

What Is Live Streaming?

Just what is live streaming?

Live streaming is a great way to engage your audience. You can broadcast events, news or entertainment from the comfort of your home. However, you can also stream live video from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Live streaming is becoming more and more popular, as it’s easy to use and affordable. It’s a great way for people to share their lives with the world. Here are some reasons why you should start live streaming:

It’s FREE (as long as you already own a computer or tablet) – You don’t have to pay for any equipment or software. You don’t have to pay for any equipment or software.

It’s Easy – You can do it from your smartphone or tablet, and you don’t need to be a tech expert.

You can share your passion – your expertise and your knowledge. Your knowledge is the best way to help people! Share it with the world, and you’ll make a difference. You can be an inspiration to others by sharing your passion – your knowledge and your expertise. You will help others achieve their goals, and you’ll make a difference in the lives of others.

You Can Stream For Donation – Although I would not state this as a reason to start streaming as many don’t get any donations. However, there are platforms out there where you can stream and people can pay donations to you. You can even get fans if you are good at streaming. Think of all the inbound comments to give you encouragement – let the fans ignite your passion; certainly not something to pass up. It may even drive you to setting the record in a game you enjoy; all the encouragement you could get.

If I did not put this down then you are missing something from the complete list – though I don’t recommend you stream just for this.

How Do You Live Stream?

Live streaming is a great way to communicate directly with your audience. You can do it for free, but it’s important to know how to live stream well. You can live stream on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, or even podcasting software like Google Hangouts.

Personally, I’ve live-streamed on YouTube and Twitch but more streaming sites are being added.

There are many other platforms out there like,, and You can also use your smartphone or tablet to livestream, or you can use computer-based tools. Here are some tools you can use: YouTube – YouTube has its own live streaming app called “YouTube Live”. It is free and easy to use. You can add an event to your calendar and schedule it to go live at a later time. It is easy to add an event to your calendar and schedule it to go live at a later time. Facebook Live – Facebook’s live streaming feature allows you to stream live video directly from your Facebook page.

All this talk of platforms and apps, to live stream is simply a matter of registering with the site you want to stream to and using the correct app that is supported. Personally, I’ve always used a paid product/application called XSplit Broadcaster. I chose this product as it was very mature at the time I purchased compared to others – though there are now many other mature and good alternatives. I recommend trying a few. Many products these days give great live streams, streaming in real time, to the platforms. Streamers, streaming products and streaming platforms have many settings these days, as well as many safety measures to protect streamers

Is on-demand TV better than live streaming?

You’re probably asking yourself “What’s the big difference between the two?” Well, on-demand TV gives you the ability to watch whatever you want whenever you want, while live streaming practically forces you to watch whatever is being shown at that exact moment.

We are living in an era where TV is not what it used to be. The rise of streaming services has changed the way we watch TV. And now, there are more and more people who prefer on-demand to live streaming.

That being said, many refer to things like cable, satellite and terrestrial TV channels when talking about live streaming shows. The reality has changed in that live streaming now refers more to people streaming content from their home computers, tablets and phones to a streaming site.

Many of these streaming sites also save a recording allowing people to watch the streamed content on-demand.

This live streaming, the new live streaming, is much different but also the same as the original live streaming of TV content. It’s different because anyone can do it, but its the same because it forces you to watch content at a specified time and not on your schedule.

For this reason alone, on-demand is better than live streaming.

In Conclusion

On-demand is better than live streaming because it allows you to watch the content on your schedule. Many live streaming sites record the content so you can watch it on-demand. Live streaming these days refers more to people streaming their content using their devices.

That sums up most of what this post is about.

On-demand TV and Live Streaming are here to stay and are more the new normal way to watch content, I believe, than watching TV live using a device such as a satellite or a cable box.

If you don’t already watch content using on-demand or live streaming through you computer then why not check it out. 

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