The Best Movie Watching Snacks

Author: Sean

What is the one thing that makes sitting down and watching a movie better? Good snacks! Nothing says movie night better than some of your favorite snacks while watching a good, or bad, movie.

What Are The Best Movie Snacks?

  1. Popcorn. Little bags of popcorn are usually around $1.99 at most stores, and you can spice it up with some delicious, buttery topping! You can get buttered popcorn that tastes like fresh buttered popcorn, cheddar cheese popcorn, cinnamon sugar popcorn or a variety of other options. You can even get caramel corn with peanuts! Now that is an amazing snack for movie night!
  2. Candy bars/ice cream bars/desserts. The classic movie night treat is a candy bar or ice cream bar. You can get Twix, Snickers, Milky Ways and a variety of other options.
  3. Pretzels/Nuts/Dried fruit. These snacks go together beautifully with some good, or bad, movies.
  4. Trail mix. Trail mix is great and delicious no matter what! It’s also the perfect movie night snack for little kids (the kind that like to act tough) and the ones that refuse to eat anything colorful because they think it will make them inedible.
  5. Popcorn/Trail mix/Trail mix, etc. You can make your own nacho flavored popcorn by taking some regular, buttery popcorn and finely chopping up some Doritos. You can also create another fun combination by choosing cheese flavored Doritos and mixing it with some salty, peanut butter M&M’s!
  6. Hot dogs. The ultimate movie night snack! Just make sure you have enough for everyone in the whole theater because they will be very popular among your friends!
  7. Candy of any kind. (See #2).

What About A Drink?

You can’t have snacks without something to wash it down, so here are some great drinks to have with your movie stacks.

  1. Coke. It’s simply Coke, and it is delicious.
  2. Diet Coke. If you’re watching a movie where the characters have extra squinty eyes, then something like diet cola is needed to keep their eyes from watering!
  3. Water (also known as soda water). You can get soda water at Target for around $1! You can also try different flavors to see which one you like the most. It can taste like lemonade, mint, chocolate or strawberry or any other flavor you choose!
  4. Root beer. Root beer is very yummy and is a great drink to wash down some of your favorite movie snacks!
  5. Milk or juice. You can also try milk or juice if it will help you stay awake during the movie, but if you have any other yummy snacks to eat, I recommend not drinking too much milk or juice.
  6. Coffee (or hot chocolate). Now this is a movie-watching snack you can actually drink! If you like to stay awake, then coffee is perfect.

These Are My Favorites

This is really a list of my favorites and I am sure everyone could add something to this list. You can add healthier items such as yogurt, or less healthy items such as candy. The point is that movie night is about having fun and sitting down with your friends and family to relax.

The most important thing about movie night snacks is to have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your friends!

Why not share your favorite movie snacks and drinks below. It may persuade others to try what you are eating.

I hope these ideas helped. Now go watch a movie!

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Dear Readers, Here are the best snacks to eat while watching a movie. 1) Popcorn (See Article). 2) Candy bars/ice cream bars/desserts (See Article). 3) Pretzels/Nuts/Dried fruit (See Article).

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