Should I Cut The Cable And Go On-Demand TV Only?

Author: Sean

Yes. The answer to this question, in my opinion, is always going to be Yes. Removing the time-boxed shows allows you the freedom to view content when you want to. Cutting your metaphoric cable TV cable cord seems like a very sensible idea, but are you sure?

There are so many options now for cutting the cord. You can listen to the radio, download or stream podcasts on your phone, use Netflix or Hulu to watch on-demand TV, and rent or buy DVDs and Blu-rays. It’s almost too easy to do without cable.

But would you lose too much? Those channels that come with the basic cable package could disappear completely. For instance, you may lose your favourite HGTV because the company that produces the show is getting out of the network business.

Or you may be in the dark about current events. If you only watch CNN or Fox News, you’re missing a lot of news and current events from other outlets. You also might miss your favourite comedians and comedy acts.

Some may say that, you will no longer have access to a DVR. There’s a growing movement to make the recording of shows the same as watching live TV. Though using on-demand removes the need to record shows – you simply watch them when you want to using the channels application.

For the money you save from cutting your cable TV package, there’s no good reason not to invest in an antenna and receiver. Using your TV with a streaming box, or using your computer to view on-demand TV just requires access to a Internet connection – which I believe the majority of us have today.


How can I find where shows and movies are streaming?

So, what is the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to find out what movies and shows are streaming? Maybe there is a particular movie or show that you want to see? Is there one place I can go to get the answer, like how the live channels produce guides?

One way you could do this is to check out Reelgood or JustWatch. Both of these sites offer a service and search function that allows you to look up what movies and shows are streaming across dozens of streaming services.

They also have apps on iOS, Android, Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV devices that you could use.

As well as this services, many of the streaming TV services and devices offer some sort of universal search functionality which you can use to try and look up movies or shows by name. Trying this first would be my suggested method, especially as you are already in front of your TV at this point.

How often do streaming shows expire?

Departures of shows on some on-demand services are indeed a regular occurrence and are indeened needed in the streaming world. A network might want to move or take their shows on another streaming service. Quite common now, we are also seeing networks move their hit shows onto their own streaming service.

The other reasons could also be to keep content fresh on the streaming service and potentially to make room for other new shows. Removing, replacing and updating shows and movies is of benefit to us, the consumer, as we get to see new content more regularly.

Do I need Wi-Fi if I have a smart TV or streaming device?

Yes. You will need an internet service at the place, generally home, where you are trying to access the streaming service.

In addition to the internet service, for most smart TV and streamign devices you would also most likely need access Wi-Fi, which lets your devices access the internet wirelessly instead of through ethernet cables. The good news is that most Internet providers these days provide a router device which generally includes Wi-Fi.

Generally, most people already have Internet access in their homes today, so there is no extra cost. However, if you don’t have Internet (and why now as you would need it to read this article), then this is a cost you need to tally up. Though in my case, the cost of this and paying for some services, such as Netflix, is cheaper than paying for a cable subscription.

Should I cut the cable?

As I said with the first word in this article, Yes. Well, in my opinion yes. The long answer is that it depends on your circumstances. I never looked back after making the jump. I watch less TV BUT I watch only TV that I want to watch and at a time I am free and want to watch it.

I’ve also been able to watch series and movies I would never have seen on any service in my country.

I did it. I would never look back. I would always say yes to anyone that asks me. Only you can judge if it is right for you. Take a look at what is out there at the moment and see if you can get the same content you want and if it will be cheaper. Then, make that cut of the cable if you feel it is worth it.

Featured image: Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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