My Favorite Streaming Kdrama Sites

Author: Sean

Kdrama Streaming is a huge topic for Korean fans of Korean dramas, of course, but it has also become of interest for non-Korean Asian drama enthusiasts.

 Day after day, new dramas are uploaded with subtitles in English and every attention is given to the textual content of the storyline. Since good English subtitles are crucial for understanding the originally intended story by many viewers, they are being watched an average of two times more frequently than dramas without English subtitles available.

 Having acquired some knowledge about how to watch kdrama online I want to share with you some tips on how to choose the right streaming site for you.


The 3 Main Sites I Use

There are 3 sites I mainly use when I want to look for and stream a drama. It doesn’t matter if it’s Korean, Japanese, Chinese or other, these 3 sites I’ve found have the most positive hits on dramas I search for. They also seem to all have English subs.



This site has been broadcasting many kdramas for quite a while and I think there’s a good reason why. It has one of the most wide-ranging drama libraries and also offers many more features than the other two sites I’d like to suggest.

Having a big library with hundreds of dramas for streaming means there’s no need to repeatedly watch your favorites when new ones come out. You’ll be notified very quickly if there are new ones. Another added value for Viki users is the free access to the site where you can preview a single episode for 30 minutes. That’s great because you can check out the quality and decide what actually catches your interest.

This site is also very popular among Korean drama viewers. It’s simple and easy-to-use. You can search by genre, channel, rating or title. There are many dramas available with English subs.





It’s really a toss of a coin if I look at Viki first or Kissasians. Both have a large library of dramas to look and choose from.

In brief: This is the site I probably use the most. It’s proven very useful for me since it has many of the recent dramas. The quality of the subs is not always great but that doesn’t matter much to me as most of them seem to be on point. The layout is extremely simple and easy-to-use.



If you’re looking for Korean dramas you can try to watch them on Netflix. I think they have a pretty big library, but they’re still lacking in many aspects. I don’t recommend it if you want to stream full episodes, only if you want to stream the first episodes and watch the story. I do think it’s great if you want to get a taste of a drama and check it out. I do think it’s great if you’re planning to download the whole series and watch it later. It’s also great if you want to watch kdramas in your own language. For some dramas, you can also try to use the online translator that is integrated into Netflix.

Honourable Mention – YouTube


Although I did say 3 sites, I find some of the dramas I watch on YouTube. It’s not as many as the above 3 sites – but it’s enough to give YouTube a honourable mention.

But be careful. A lot of the content on YouTube is not family-friendly. Many of the videos are not suitable for work or even for people who want to have a good time. So use common sense and keep an eye out for what you’re watching.

These Are Just A Few Sites Of Many

These are just a few, my personal pick of sites I like. There are many other sites out there where you can watch your dramas.

But, you’d better be prepared to spend way too much time watching dramas that you will and won’t like. Some people are addicted to these sites. They spend hours watching dramas they’re totally indifferent to.

Evidently, this is the best way to find the dramas that will become favorites of yours. You can also look for sites where you can watch kdramas in HD. This is great because you can see all the details in the picture. That way you can also judge the quality of the subs before deciding to download or stream it. You can also look for sites where you can watch kdramas without having to use an external player. There’s one thing to keep in mind.

I hope you find this useful and if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to ask.

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