Growing up I remember the days when we had just 3 TV channels. 3 channels of TV that once you missed your program it was gone for good. The 4th and 5th channels came. Video recorders. Satellite and cable. Still we were subject to watching programs at the time the TV companies gave – unless you recorded your program.

January 2016 and it all changed for me. That was the month I decided to finally buy my first on-demand streaming device – a Roku 3.

In my opinion, on-demand was the best thing that could have happened to us. Watching programs or listing to audio at the times we wanted. Watching entire box sets.

So, that is what this site is all about – on-demand TV. A schedule to your liking.

I want to share my passion with you. I want to talk about on-demand programs. Talk about the streaming devices you use. I want to advocate on-demand TV to you… Why not stick around and share this roller coaster with me.